© Napoleonic Association  ◊  Registered Company No: 03220598

© Napoleonic Association  ◊  Registered Company No: 03220598


Whether you seek to join us or hire us for your event or production, exploring this website will give you a good idea of what we’re about, where you can find us and how you can get involved. Should you have any questions, please get in touch.

The Napoleonic Association

Since its formation in 1975, the Napoleonic Association has acted as an umbrella organisation that supports people with a common interest in the Napoleonic period, spanning the French Revolution to the decisive action at the Battle of Waterloo (1793-1815). Our membership, made up of Re-enactors, Researchers and Wargamers, meet regularly to bring to life the social and military activities of this ‘Age of Elegance’.

Our re-enactors bring the period to life with detailed living history encampments and dramatic battles. The research groups delve deep into every aspect with their endless studies and our wargamers do in miniature what the re-enactors do for real! Each enjoys an events diary bursting with engagements, both in the UK and overseas.

Historical Re-enactment Research Wargaming

Our events recreate, as far and accurately as possible, the lives of soldiers and their families on campaign during the Napoleonic Wars. Through exciting battle re-enactments and skill at arms displays, detailed living history encampments and dramatic performances you will witness the life of an army in the field during one of the most colourful periods of history.

When you walk into our camp you will see for yourselves the commitment and attention to detail paid by the re-enactors who live, eat and sleep there throughout the event. Chat to them and they will entertain and educate you with their knowledge and experiences. Become one of them and you will discover more about this period in history than any book could ever teach you!

At any of our events you could participate in or witness a variety of stories as they unfold… Talk to a Field Surgeon of Wellington’s Army as he carries out operations on the injured that stream off the battlefield. Play jury as senior British officers dispense military justice or discover how France emerged from its ‘Reign of Terror’ amidst the spectre of ‘Madame Guillotine’ to become a dominant European power. Pick your side as the embers of civil unrest spark into disorder amid the Industrial Revolution! Sell your children to King George or have them conscripted into Napoleon’s army, and watch as our soldiers drill them into shape!

If you want to enjoy and explore the fascinating period of history that began with the death of a King and ended with the fall of an Emperor, The Napoleonic Association is ready to march.

Our researchers strive to explore and understand the many aspects of the Napoleonic era including social, domestic and military history. The scope ranges far and wide across the late 18th and early 19th centuries and across Europe, the Americas, the Far and Middle East.

History has a habit of turning up the most remarkable facts and incidents… past and indeed ongoing research includes: eye witness accounts of Waterloo, duelling, camp kitchens, the political atmosphere, provision and expenditure of ammunition, provosts, Napoleon’s table linen and the correct construction of a cat ‘o’ nine tails!

Our members frequently publish their work in the association’s newsletter, The Adjutant, where their articles are enjoyed by the entire membership. By nature and inclination researchers are voracious readers and collectors of books, and thus book reviews regularly feature in The Adjutant too.

In addition to our research activities, which have resulted in the publication of many papers relating to the period, we conduct regular lectures, study days and conferences.

An exciting  spin off from the research are the activities of our wargamers, who use the detailed study of the strategy and tactics of the period to answer many questions on how the battles of the past were fought and won, or indeed lost.  

Reliving any action of the Napoleonic Wars in miniature allows players to challenge and experiment with an unlimited number of 'what if?' scenarios, offering a different perspective and a practical approach to finding the answers to theoretical conundrums that would be unfeasible to address at full scale.

Our Wargamers attend shows and meetings throughout the year and publish their findings, contributing to a very popular hobby worldwide.