Hiring the Napoleonic Association
for your event or production

The Napoleonic Association can provide battle re-enactments and dramatic performances combined with authentically detailed and bustling living history encampments that make for a thrilling, immersive and unforgettable experience for your audiences.

Explore first hand the lifestyles of the people who made up the armies of Napoleon Bonaparte, Great Britain and her Allies. Watch the cavalry gallop along the crowd line, their hooves thundering across the ground. Cheer as the soldiers march into battle with pyrotechnics exploding all around them as the cannons and rockets unleash their spectacular fury! When all is done, and a victor emerges from the ashes of the battlefield, join the soldiers and their families in their encampment to get a closer look at their weapons and equipment and discover what life was like living under canvas and cooking authentic meals over a log fire.

From an individual soldier or camp follower to armies of them, our re-enactors bring years of dedicated authenticity, professionalism and commitment to events in the UK and overseas.

Film, TV & Radio Productions

Re-enactors provide excellent value for money in TV and Film productions as, aside from their hardiness, they can arrive with their own costumes, props and weapons and (where the latter is concerned) the appropriate licences and training to use them. Whether you employ individuals or you seek entire regiments or armies, you’ll find that the organisation that we put into making our events such a success will take tremendous amounts of pressure off of your production teams. If you need an army on location you need only tell our liaison officer and he’ll march them there, with fifes and drums!

Our members have spent many years researching and portraying the lives of those that followed and fought during the Napoleonic Wars. Their experience talking to members of the public throughout our events makes them fabulous at painting pictures on the radio.

Members of the Association have taken part in many Film, TV and Radio productions over recent years including Pride and Prejudice, Vanity Fair, Sharpe, Hornblower, Horrible Histories, The Iron Duke, Mark Williams Big Bangs, Time Team and numerous interviews on BBC local radio.

Event Team

We have an events team experienced in providing anything from individual re-enactors for a book launch to coach or plane loads of them for battles across the globe. From the moment you get in touch, we will assist you with everything that is required to make an event a success, from portaloos to Waterloos you can rely on the unfaltering dedication and professionalism of our team!


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