03/06/2020 - Announcement from the Executive Committee regarding the AGM and PLI

The Executive Committee (EC) has been active during the last few weeks ensuring that the Association can continue to meet its obligations as a company.


At present the intention is to hold the Annual General Meeting at the next NA Event in 2020.  However, as there is still no guarantee that any planned Events for 2020 will take place the EC has taken steps to ensure that alternative procedures can be put into place. The EC has applied to Companies House for a 3 month extension to its date for filing its accounts. This has been granted and so the NA now has until the 30th of December 2020 to submit our accounts for 2019. This means that should any planned NA Events for 2020 be cancelled then the Association has an additional 3 months in which to hold its AGM. The EC will keep our members fully informed of developments on this matter.


The EC has also gone back to its insurers to ask for a reduced premium for its Public Liability Insurance resulting from the Association’s much reduced Re-enactment Programme. Our Insurers have agreed to a significant reduction in our premium for this year. As a result the Association is to receive a reimbursement which will help significantly with our cash flow for both 2020 and 2021. The EC recommends that units that have similar Public Liability Insurance go back to their insurers to obtain a similar reduction in premium.

15/05/2020 - Announcement from the Executive Committee regarding the 2020 Season

Yesterday the Executive Committee received confirmation that the Garrison Event planned for Fort Amherst on 25-26 July has been cancelled.

At present the event planned for Hole Park 26-27 September is still going ahead.

22/04/2020 - Statement from the organisers of Vimeiro 2020

Dear Sirs,

We regret to inform that the historic recreation commemorating the 212th anniversary of the Battle of Vimeiro, which was to be held on July 17th, 18th and 19th of 2020, was CANCELED due to the epidemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. This decision was made by the organization of the event, based on the guidelines of the competent entities and in view of promoting the health of everyone, both reenactors and visitors.

We hope to hold the event next year, and count on your presence!

Best regards

10/04/2020 - Announcement from the Executive Committee regarding the 2020 Battle Prom Concerts

The Executive Committee received confirmation yesterday that the 2020 series of Battle Prom Concerts is to be postponed until 2021. The revised dates are:

3rd July 2021 - Blenheim

10th July 2021 - Burghley

17/18th July 2021 - Hatfield

31st July 2021 - Highclere

7th August 2021 - Ragley



30/03/2020 - Announcement from the Executive Committee regarding the AGM

Following an enquiry by a member, the Executive Committee is able to confirm the plan to hold the AGM at the next event. The deadline we have to work to is the submission of the Association’s accounts to Companies House at the end of September. If it seems likely that we cannot achieve this then the Executive Committee will make suitable arrangements to hold the AGM before the end of September.

27/03/2020 - Statement from the organisers of Waterloo 205 - 2021 Dates Confirmed

The Organisers of Waterloo 205 have announced the dates of the postponed 2020 event, having safeguarded this year's funding and secured the necessary logistical bookings for the new dates.

The new dates for Waterloo 205 will be 19th-20th June 2021.

27/03/2020 - Statement from the organisers of Waterloo 205 - EVENT POSTPONED TO 2021


Dear Madam,
Dear Sir,
Dear re-enactors,

In the context of the global health crisis triggered by the Covid-19, the organisers of the 205th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo have decided to postpone to 2021 the festivities initially scheduled for June 2020.
We are all confronted with this epidemic which impacts our lifestyle as well as our family and social relationships.
With the postponement of the 205th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, we wish to participate in this fight against the spread of the virus and prevent possible new contaminations through the travel of re-enactors and visitors coming from all over Europe.
Our thoughts today are with all those men and women who are on the front line in this fight against Covid-19, but also with all the families who have lost a loved one, the sick and their loved ones and all those who are impacted and who are suffering from this crisis and its consequences.
We sincerely thank you for the interest you have shown from the start of the registration process. Today, we wish you above all things to take care of yourself and your loved ones.
We remain hopeful and confident and will get back to you as soon as possible with more information about the postponement of the event.
See you soon.


The organisers of the 205th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo

26/03/2020 - Announcement from the Executive Committee regarding memberships


Due to the current situation with COVID-19 the Association has had to postpone its first two events of 2020, the Executive Committee of the Napoleonic Association has therefore decided that all memberships for 2020 will also cover the 2021 season. If you’ve got any questions, please contact us at napoleonicassociationmembers@gmail.com,


22/03/2020 - Crouch Ridge Vineyard event


The Govt has placed tighter restrictions on public gatherings by closing Pubs, Clubs, Theatres etc in an attempt to ease pressure on the NHS by slowing the rate of infection. 


Unfortunately this means that they are not expecting a reduction in the infection rate for at least 12 weeks, 2 weeks after Crouch Ridge is due to take place.


In the circumstances the Executive Committee feel that it would be inappropriate to continue with the proposed event at Crouch Ridge Vineyard in May. 


If the situation improves sufficiently we are hoping that we MIGHT be able to organise an Event later in this year.


However, we will be discussing a possible date for next year, as soon as this is agreed we will let you know.


14/03/2020 - Stamford Hall event


It is with regret that we have to announce the postponement of the Stamford Hall Event in April. 


This decision has been taken after discussion with the Hall over the current coronavirus pandemic and the condition of the proposed camping area. 


The Hall took the decision to close its Doors for the present but they offered us the use of the back lawns for a non public event. 


However, the ground is extremely wet after the recent spell of bad weather and is simply not drying out, we cannot risk vehicles getting bogged down (one of the Estate vehicles recently sank to its axles on one of the drier areas). That coupled with the expectation that the Coronavirus Infection rate will be reaching its peak in late April and a ban on Public Gatherings will be place means that we have no choice but to postpone.


We are discussing with the Hall the possibility of holding the Event in the Autumn, the proposed date is 9-11 October.


We will notify you as soon as we have confirmation of this date.